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How to change the number of posts shown in the WordPress admin area without hacking the core

It is easy to go in and hack the core WordPress files to change the hard-coded number, but I wanted to find a way to do it with a hook.  That way, I could one day change the number of

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How to give all new WPMU blogs default properties, theme and pages

I’ve been developing an application on WordPress-MU and thought I’d share a cool tip. When new web sites are generated by my client, I wanted the experience to be painless; a one-button ready-to-go web site. It turns out there is

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How to upgrade WordPress SAFELY using Subversion and Rsync

I keep all my WordPress projects in a Subversion repository. I also have a snapshot of unmodified ‘vanilla’ releases kept in the same repository. Now theoretically I should simply be able to use the svn merge command in a working

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