Get remote X Windows working in Ubuntu Karmic

One thing that troubled me moving to Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala: my remote X applications stopped working with the error X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication The reason seems to be that Gnome moved the location of X authorization to [wherever-the-hell-i-dont-remember], whereas ssh and everything else still use the same location (~/.Xauthority). Note: I clearly forgot whatever it was I discovered about xauth, so please enlighten me in the comments, and I will update this exceedingly lame paragraph. This is going to be tagged as an Emacs post because my principal reason to use remote X is Emacs' awesome make-frame-on-display command. The bash script I use is saved in ~/bin/xauthmagic:
xauth -f ~/.Xauthority list | grep -v ':0' | while read foo; do xauth add $foo; done
This means: look through all the xauth cookies in ~/.Xauthority, remove the ':0' (local) display cookie, take the remaining cookies and run the xauth command on them. The steps I take to use this:
  • On my remote host (emunah), start an ssh section forwarding X:
    greg@emunah$ ssh greg@maui -Y
  • On my local host (maui), run the xauthmagic script above
    greg@maui$ ~/bin/xauthmagic
  • From my local host emacs, run M-x make-frame-on-display RET localhost:10.0 RET
Et voilá!
5 comments on “Get remote X Windows working in Ubuntu Karmic
  1. erikr says:

    Greg, I have this same problem, too. Is this xauth stuff really the “official” solution? I unfortunately know nothing about xauth.

    I can ssh to my remote box with X forwarding and run “xeyes” just fine, and even emacs runs fine. My only problem is when I run emacsclient and try to create a new frame, I get the same error as you… I will try your solution! Thank you!

    P.S. Everything did work fine until the upgrade to karmic…

  2. @erikr, I have logged on to several Linux machines to determine their default Xauthority database location, using xauth -v. On Debian machines, I always get ~/.Xauthority. I get that result even on a server that has been upgraded to Karmic, but which does not have Gnome. On my laptop, however, I get /var/run/gdm/auth-for-gregj-3sy6gB/database. That path changes every time I log in, with different salt. Since everything else looks to your home .Xauthority file, this causes your emacsclient session to fail to authenticate.

    I might try messing around with setting the XAUTHORITY environment variable, but I’m not sure that would work for Gnome.

  3. Howdy,

    I’ve been working on this same problem too. I submitted an Emacs
    bug(#5434) and was given this explanation by one of the respondents:

    | > Okay, I’ll try that, but a quick question: should an xauth problem result
    | > in failures for every X application I try to run? Other applications
    | > (other than emacsclient) run just fine.
    | There is a difference. When you start other clients, you do it from
    | the shell started by the ssh login process. When you do emacsclient
    | -c it only tells your emacs daemon to open a frame on your DISPLAY.
    | The emacs daemon is not started from your ssh shell.
    | Try starting another X client from a shell not related to the ssh
    | shell with the ssh-forwarded display (localhost:10) and see what you
    | get. You should get permission denied. But your Emacs daemon may
    | have other displays opened, that can influence matters also.

    All my machines (two Fedora 12, one Ubuntu Karmic Koala) have the
    newest gnome, and I confirm the same bizarre xauth locations as you

    I’m at least glad I’m not the only one!


  4. Ben Hyde says:

    I am not absolutely certain this is correct, but it has worked for me.

    The problem I wanted to solve was to ssh from my laptop to a ubuntu server and then invoke emacsclient to obtain a x window’s frame on my lap top served up from the emacs running on the ubuntu server. The xauth inside emacs is the one into which I needed to add the xauth credentials. The following worked, at least once 🙂

    This script resides on the ubuntu server is run after you ssh to the server, forwarding your
    laptop’s X display.

    # First we need to add to xauth of the server emacs
    # permission to throw up windows on our X server.
    # But .Xauthorization accumlates so we have to auth
    # more than you'd think.
    xauth -f ~/.Xauthority list | grep -v ':0' | while read foo; do
      emacsclient -e "(shell-command \"xauth add $foo\")"
    # Ok, now we should now be able to connect.
    emacsclient -c

    Thanks for the hint!

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