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Emacs Power: remote servers and shell commands

Emacs file and directory browsing Emacs has Dired, a great method for browsing directories; especially in combination with ido-mode, I prefer it to Windows Explorer, OS X Finder, Gnome Nautilus, or anything else I’ve used over the decades to browse

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One-button website publishing using WordPress-mu

I’m kinda loving on WordPress MU. One of my recent projects required building web sites that pulled from a shared database. WordPress MU allowed me to create a one-button website builder for my client. WordPress MU calls them blogs, but

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How to get your command line PHP script working with WordPress-MU 2.7

OK, this one is obscure. I only post about what I can’t find on Google! Until recently it has been possible to run command-line PHP scripts that include wp-config.php or wpmu-settings.php, in order to give those scripts access to WordPress

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How to change the number of posts shown in the WordPress admin area without hacking the core

It is easy to go in and hack the core WordPress files to change the hard-coded number, but I wanted to find a way to do it with a hook.  That way, I could one day change the number of

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