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Tips on Android Development Using Emacs


Android using Emacs For the intrepid Emacs user, here are some tips for doing Android development without Eclipse. I am working on a follow-up post with some general Android SDK tips. Emacs prerequisites android-mode This mode gives you the following

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10 Tips for Powerful Emacs on Windows


I avoided using Microsoft Windows for almost 15 years, but with my new job at a Microsoft-enthralled development shop, those idyllic days have come to an abrupt end. Because in the past I could always use my trusty Linux and

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Snippets with Emacs Lisp Power

The YASnippet package for Emacs has some pretty awesome power for the developer, especially when you utilize the power of Emacs Lisp. YASnippet was inspired by TextMate, which was inspired by Emacs, in a highly-out-of-equilibrium whirlwind of self-referential creativity. The

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FAST file access with Emacs and ido-mode

One of the things that makes daily Emacs use so enjoyable is the availability of brilliant add-ons designed to make you work faster. Emacs with ido-mode fuzzy matching (or flex matching) makes it incredibly quick to navigate the file system

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